Our template for 1 2 1s

1 2 1s?

1 2 1s, people love them, people hate them, many of us are doing them. They mostly happen between you and your manager or you and your reports, but you could also have 1 2 1s with peers, why not? Sometimes it’s good to have them in a very informal way: getting a coffee together, have a chat without any particular agenda, even have a walk around your office if it’s a sunny day. Sometimes though you might feel the need to have a more structured conversation, getting and receiving feedback, review your goals, making sure you are on track in your personal growth journey.

Hopefully, you’re not having this kind of conversation only once a year, for example during the appraisal review; if you are, check why continuous feedback is important in my Slideshare presentation Help yourself and your colleagues to improve with (peer) feedback.

Why a template?

So, if like me, sometimes you feel the need of a more structured conversation and often you leave the 1 2 1 with the thought “I didn’t use the time as effectively as I could have” then you might try a template I devised for myself.

What is this template?

It’s a very simple Powerpoint document containing just one slide; this slide is divided into 5 areas:

  • Goal review. You can review your goals with your manager of review the goals of one of the people you are managing. There is a score that you can give to these goals, this score is not supposed to be unilateral or a judgment, it’s an aid to support the conversation. A periodic review of the goals might be important also because in fast-paced organisations personal goals might become obsolete quickly and easily and need to be replaced by new ones
  • Need help with. This is where you might write down and discuss where you might need help from your manager or from someone else in the organization (use the column “Who”)
  • Feedback/Questions. Here you can write down and discuss feedback you received or are receiving in this 1 2 1. Also, you could use this area to go through the questions you have and that you’ve noted down before the 1 2 1.
  • New ActionsThis area might be used to take notes about new actions that come out from the discussion in the 1 2 1
  • Concerns. This section can be used to share with your manager your concerns or listen to your reports’ concerns. The discussion might bring new ideas on how to face these concerns or provide more information that makes the concern not relevant any longer.

Please let me know how it works for you

Time dedicated to 1 2 1s in never too much and (un)fortunately we are all very busy. For me this template is a useful tool to get the best out of the limited time dedicated to 1 2 1s, avoiding going out of topic and/or forgetting to mention something important.

You can download and use this template freely, I only ask you to please tell me how it works for you and share any idea for improving it. Hopefully, it will be useful for you too. See you soon!